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Scratch logo

Finally a way to make loan repayments easier, more flexible and truly transparent.

We worked on
  • Branding
  • Visual Design
  • Illustration
  • Iconography
  • Copywriting

Scratch knows how long and complicated loan journeys can be. So, when they asked us to help with their mission to simplify that, we were very glad to help.

Scratch wanted an entire rebrand; a new logo, an illustration-heavy new website and fresh copy too. With a complicated message and a site that had to speak to both lenders and borrowers, we knew messaging had to be clear as well as persuasive.

With an important mission to change peoples’ relationship with debt, we wanted to show that there’s more to life than loans….

Scratch mark
Finally a better way!
Scrach billboard poster

For the journey

Our illustrations depict a simpler journey, showing that loans are often with you through every step of life. And they show a simpler way of managing the repayments that follow you on that journey.

Whether you’ve borrowed money for education, business, or for a brand new home, debt helps move people forwards. It shouldn’t hold them back.

What other loan servicer cares this much about their borrowers?

I think the greatest thing that they give you is love and dedication. Their work speaks for itself.

Sameh Elamawy CEO

Thanks to Sameh, we look forward to toasting that catalonia sunset soon