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Be there, without being there.

We worked on
  • Branding
  • Visual Design
  • Illustration
  • Iconography
  • Copywriting

Say goodbye to FOMO. With fully immersive, user-generated, 360-degree videos and photos, SOAK users can capture more than a moment, but an entire atmosphere.

Imagine being able to experience places, parties and moments you might never otherwise experience, via VR. SOAK users could finally be there, without actually being there.

Our challenge was to communicate the one-of-a-kind features offered by this app, ensuring it became an unmissable download for those unmissable moments.

Soak in the atmosphere

The team took inspiration from the immersive name and the idea of a way to ‘soak up the sun’, ‘soak in the atmosphere’ and all the playful ideas those ideas represent.

We added depth to the mark to highlight the 360 dimensions of the app’s features. And combined playful, retro colours of west coast sunsets with the contemporary feel of an east coast lifestyle.

If you're looking for a design team that can take an idea and run with it to places you never dreamed of, then stop reading this and contact them right now.

A.J. Yeakel

Thank you for removing our FOMO, it was a joy to work with you