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Connection without calls

We worked on
  • Branding
  • Visual Design
  • Iconography
  • Copywriting

VoiceLine is the professional voice note tool that dictates speech into text, giving receivers the option to listen, read, and repeat as often as they like.

Speech adds more depth to your words, speaking is faster than typing, context becomes clearer and VoiceLine integrates seamlessly with all major digital platforms too.

VoiceLine messages are fast, brief, clear, convenient, insightful, warm and accessible. Our challenge was to communicate all of these benefits in a clean brand update.

Remove ambiguity

We used every opportunity to show visual benefits of clarity when using VoiceLine to communicate.

From blurred backgrounds that highlight ambiguity, to animations that show the convenience of putting the receiver in control of when and how they listen to their VoiceLines.

Thanks to Viktor and for all the VoiceLines I now wake up to from the team